Benchtop PC Controlled Dot Peen Marking Machine

Datamark™ MP-120 Benchtop Dot Peen Marking Machine


The MP-120 dot peen marking system is fast, robust, reliable and very easy to use for marking on all types of variable-format metal parts and nameplates.

The control and programming of the marking is done easily by means of the PC software included with the marker; for marking texts, dates, numbers, Datamatrix codes, logos, serial numbers and more. In addition, the marking machine is featured with a powerful electromagnetic marking head that allows the marking force-depth to be electronically regulated to adjust to the needs of each application. In this way we can quickly achieve maximum precision markings on any type of parts, both flat and cylindrical, from aluminum to the hardest steels.


Powerful marking

The MP-120 marking machine’s electromagnetic marking head offers maximum marking precision with electronic control of marking force/depth.

Robust construction

Made entirely of metal, it is ideal for working in harsh environments where high reliability and intensive use are required.

Direct PC control

The marking messages can be easily programmed using the fully featured Datasoft PC software included with the marker.

Flexible communication

The connection between the PC and the marker is directly established through LAN / Ethernet network cable or via wireless WiFi connection.

All marking possibilities

Marking texts, serial numbers, automatic dates, Datamatrix codes and logos is a really easy task with the MP-120 dot peen marker.

Wide variety of marking applications

The MP-120 is an ideal machine for marking any type of small/medium sized parts; identification nameplates engraving, datamatrix barcode marking, serial marking, tool marking, logo marking, etc.

Optional Rotary Axis

Factory upgrade the MP-120 marker with the Rotary Axis to mark up to 360º around cylindrical parts.

Nameplates marking

Attach the optional Nameplates Fixture to the MP-120  to engrave tags and identification namplates with maximum precission.

Affordable / cost effective

Datamark MP-120 delivers the highest marking features at a much more competitive price compared to any other desktop dot peen marking machine on the market.

Dot Peen Marking Machine for Metal Parts Marking

Technical Specifications

Reference MP-120-ADV-E
X-Y marking area 120 x 100 mm (4.7″ x 4″).
Marking stylus LE-06 with a 90º angle
Max. hardness of the material to be marked 64 HRC
Marking depth Electronically adjustable from level 1 to 9
Max. part height 250 mm with standard manual column
Lighting and display Automatic lighting system of the work base with integrated LED
Front transparent screen for better visualization of the work area
Marking operation External button to start and stop marking cycle
Communication interface Wireless WiFi connection, LAN/Ethernet
Software operating system Windows 10 – 11
Accesories Nameplates Marking Fixture, Small Rotary Axis, Big Rotary Axis, Autosense System
Power suppply 110-240V / 50-60HZ.
Total dimensions 284 x 648 x 322 mm (width x height x length)
Total weight 22 Kg

Marking Software

Dot peen marker for marking in metal parts and nameplates
DATASOFT™ Marking Software

  • Easy and intuitive WYSIWYG visual graphic interface.
  • Selectable languages; spanish, french, english, german, italian, russian.
  • PC Windows operating systems (Windows, 7, 8 ,10).
  • LAN/Ethernet and  wireless WiFi connection.
  • Marking texts, serial numbers, symbols and imported logos.
  • Datamatrix y and QR-Codes barcode marking.
  • Dot matrix formed marking characteres; 5×7, 7×9, 11×17.
  • Continuos dotted line marking fonts.
  • All decorative-artistic Windows True-Types available.
  • Vector logos marking (HPGL, PLT).
  • Marking data imported from CSV structured files.
  • Automatic barcode label printing features included.
  • Marking automatic data entered via barcoder scanners.
  • Unlimited marking edited files and logos storage capacity.
  • Automatic marking data; serial numbers, time, date, shift codes.
  • Adjustable character height, width, angle, circunferential and mirrowed.
  • Adjustable marking force-deph and dots density.
  • On-screen mark preview and trial-run features.

Rotary Device

Dot Peen Marking Machine with Rotor

The Datamark MP-120 marking machine can be factory equipped with a rotary device and control driver that allows radial markings up to 360º on all types of cylindrical parts. Two types of rotary devices are available:

Model Small Rotary Axis Big Rotary Axis
Reference MP-ROT-01 MP-ROT-02
Max. part diameter 90 mm (3.54″) 300 mm (11.81″)
Max. part weight 5 Kg (11 lbs) 30 Kg (66 lbs)

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