Dot Peen Marking System for Industrial Automation

Datamark™ MP-80 Integrated Dot Peen Marker


Compact dot peen marking machine for automated marking applications into production lines.  Its powerful pneumatic marking head allows creating high quality marks at high speed; pefectly suitable for datamatrix marking, serial marking, date marking, etc.

Tailored for seamless integration into production lines and specialized applications, this advanced marking system is set to redefine efficiency, precision, and automation. In addition, marking programming is really easy using the all-in-one touchscreen controller, connected to the marker through a plug&play robotic cable.


High marking precision

Our integrated dot peen marking machines offer unmatched precision in marking parts, as they allow for fine control over the depth and width of the marks. This makes our markers an ideal solution for industries where precision is key, such as aerospace, automotive, oil-gas, metal-machinning, construction and more.


Our integrated markers are designed and built for industrial use thus reducing the possibility of costly breakdowns in the production process.


Datamark™ MP-80 integrated dot peen marking machines can mark a wide range of hard materials, including metals, alloys and plastics. This makes it a versatile solution that can be used in a variety of industries and applications.

Easy programming

Our integrated markers are the easiest to program using using our easy and intuitive icon-based marking software. It is a matter of a few minutes of learning to start marking logos, texts, serial numbers, real time dates, datamatrix codes and much more.

Deep marking

Datamark™ MP-80 integrated marking machines are the most powerful pneumatic markers on the market that allow to regulate the marking force to achieve from superficial to very deep marks in the hardest metals.

High marking speed

The cutting-edge pneumatic technology of our integrated dot peen markers offer high marking speeds to fit the operational needs of automated manufacturing processes.

Easy integration

Thanks to a compact robust design, easy programming and advanced connectivity, our markers are extremely easy to install on the production line.

Unbeatable value for money

Datamark™ MP-80 integrated dot peen marking machines offer unbeatable value for money, with affordable comprehensive pricing to help customers achieve faster ROI.

Dot Peen marking machine for industrial automation

Technical Specifications

Integrated dot peen marking machine

  • Compact, robust easy to installa design.
  • Push button to automatically trigger the marking cycle.
  • Easy to install to mark in any position; side, up or down.
  • 80 x 30 mm marking window (3.1″ x 1.2″).
  • Flat X-Y axis movement of the marking head (no pivoting).
  • Programmable marking speed up to 12 characteres per second.
  • Programmable marking deph.
  • 6 meters plug&play umbilical cable as standard lengh.
  • Interchangeable marking stylus for standard, fast and deep marking.
  • Total weight of the marking head 1.9kg

Touchscreen Controller

Touch screen controller datamark mp-80 marking machine

  • Full 7″ touch screen color display.
  • Text, serial numbers, symbols and imported logos marking.
  • Datamatrix and QR-Code marking.
  • Selectable marking fonts; dot-matrix and continuous line types.
  • Vector logos marking (HPGL, PLT) imported via USB drive.
  • Unlimited marking edited files and logos storage capacity.
  • Automatic marking; serial numbers, time, date, shift codes.
  • Adjustable character height, width, angle and circunferential.
  • Marking data entry via barcode readers and barcode label printing features included.
  • Marking data preview and trial run features included.
  • Interface IN/OUT, 4 inputs and 3 output digital signals.
  • RS-232, RS-485 and USB interfaces.
  • 110-220V 50-60 Hz. external power supply.
  • Weight: 2.7 Kg.

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