Benchtop Wi-Fi dot peen marking machine

Datamark EASYMARKER™ Benchtop Dot Peen Marker


Datamark EASYMARKER™ dot peen marking machine offers an unbeatable price-performance ratio to mark all type of parts; ideal for machined parts marking, identification nameplates engraving, tags marking, etc.

The control and programming of the marking files is easily done using EASYMARK software, free available for smartphone, tablet and PC systems.


The most compact bench top marking solution
Its robust metal casing, its compact design, without complicated or delicate keyboards and screens, make the EASYMARKER easily adaptable to any workspace.

Maximum marking precision
The pneumatic head of the marker moves perpendicularly (non-pivoting) in both X and Y axes, achieving total marking precision, both on flat and cylindrical surfaces.

Easy to program
EASYMARK™ software allows you to easily design and transmit marking messages to the marker from any Smartphone, Tablet and PC device via wireless WiFi communication.

Ideal for marking identification  nameplates
The EASYMARKER marking machine is an ideal solution for the personalized engraving of machine and industrial equipment nameplates.

The most economical dot peen solution on the market
The EASYMARKER allows you to enter the world of permanent marking at the lowest price point on the market whilst maintaining the same high quality construction and high features.

Technical Specifications

Reference MP-100-ESY
X-Y marking area 100 x 70 mm (3.93″ x 2.75″).
Marking stylus LP-10  with a 90º angle
Max. hardness of the material to be marked 64 HRC
Marking depth Manual marking distance-depth adjustment
Max. part height 285 mm (11.22″)
Multifunction button Marking start-repeat, emergency stop
LED light status indicator Machine on/connected/receiving data/marking/stop
Communication interface Wireless WiFi connection, point-to-point (does not require internet access)
Software operating system Android 6.0 and above / Windows 10-11
Accesories Nameplates Marking Fixture
Operating air pressure 6 bar, free of particles and lubricant
Power suppply 110-240V / 50-60HZ.
Total dimensions 200 x 620 x 220 mm (width x height x length)
Total weight 11.8 Kg.

Marking Software

Benchtop dot peen marking machine

EASYMARK™ marking software

  • Free available for Android and PC Systems
  • Easy to use interface with an icon based design.
  • Compatible with smartphone devices, tablets and PC.
  • Wireless connection with the marker.
  • Images and logos marking (.PLT File).
  • Various marking fonts; dot matrix, fastflan and more.
  • Automatic serial marking.
  • Save and open previous designs.
  • Files stored on control device. No storage limitations.
  • Free download from Google Play Store.

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