Powerful Battery-Powered Dot Peen Marking Machine

Datamark™ MOBILE 150 Portable Dot Peen Marker


The MOBILE 150 is an innovative cordless portable marking machine that offers maximum capabilities and total freedom of use to easily mark parts of any size anywhere.

Thanks to its large marking area and great power, the MOBILE 150 dot peen marker is the ideal machine for marking large pipes and tubes, frames and VIN codes on vehicle chassis. In addition, the portable marking machine can also be used as a desktop marking machine using the optional benchtop support, thus facilitating the marking of smaller parts and naplates.


Great marking power

The MOBILE 150 is by far the most powerful battery-powered portable marker, while its deep-marking capabilities are comparable to traditional pneumatic marking machines, with the enormous advantage that do not require to operate slave connected by cables to both electrical and compressed air supplies. Electronic marking force/depth control ensures maximum marking precision and quality based on application needs.

Compact robust design

The marking machine is built with shock and drop resistant metal housing. The key fact of not incorporating a display or a fragile built-in keyboard avoids the possibility of costly repairs due to accidents especially when operating in harsh work environments. The ergonomic non-slip handle and top grip handle provide an unmatched level of safety and comfort during marking.

Superior marking window

The MOBILE 150 offers a marking area of 150 x 50 mm making it the cordless portable marker with the greatest possibilities on the market, especially when large and easy to read marking is required; for VIN numbers marking on vehicle chassis, for oil and gas pipelines marking, casting/forging marking, profiles marking, etc …

Extremely easy to program

The DATAMOBIL smartphone marking application offers a friendly icon-based easy to use interface that allows complete control over mark output, from depth settings to spacing of the dots, character font and size, arc marking, Data Matrix marking, serial numbering, logo marking, shift, time and date marking and various other options.

More flexible wireless communication

The designed marking files are individually transmitted from the smartphone/PC device to the marking machine storage memory via wireless WiFi communication, eliminating the need for any type of cable, screen or dedicated control device. A single marking file is permanently stored in the memory of the marker, being replaced when another new design is transmitted.

Great operational autonomy

Thanks to its construction design for optimized energy consumption and its high-performance rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the marker is able to carry out continuous marking work for more than three hours.

Handheld dot peen marker Datamnark Mobile 150

Technical Specifications

Reference MP-150-MOB
X-Y marking area 150 x 30 mm (5.90″ x 1.18″)
Marking stylus LE-06 with a 90º angle
Max. hardness of the material to be marked 64 HRC
Marking depth Electronically adjustable from level 1 to 9
On-part support system Adjustable front support legs to access difficult areas
Detachable non-slip flat support front mask
Handle Ergonomic rugged non-slip pistol-type grip handle
Multifunction trigger On/off, marking start, emergency stop
LED light status indicator Machine on/connected/receiving data/marking/stop
Communication interface Wireless WiFi connection, point-to-point (does not require internet access)
Software operating system Android 6.0 and above / Apple IOS / Windows 10
Battery Li-ion 18v 3.0/5.0/9.0 Ah 90Wh
Operational autonomy Up to more than 8 hours of marking
Battery charger 110-240v 50-60hz
Total dimensions 215 x 280 x 270 mm (width x height x length)
Total weight 4.5 Kg including the battery

Marking Software

Portable Dot Peen Marking Machines: Unleashing Precision On-The-Go

DATAMOBIL™ Marking Software

  • App available for Android, IOS and Windows PC Systems.
  • Easy to use interface with an icon based design.
  • Compatible with smartphone devices, tablets and PC.
  • Wireless connection with the marker.
  • Marking texts, numbers, serial counters, time-date.
  • Datamatrix and QR-Codes marking.
  • Images and logos marking (.PLT File).
  • Various marking fonts; dot matrix, fastflan and more.
  • Automatic entry of marking data by barcode scanning.
  • Save and open previous designs.
  • Unlimited file storage on the control device.
  • Free download from Google Play Store and Apple Store.

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